what we do
Rise Above approach to skill empowerment modifies, enhances and provides skills for the less privileged women of the society by creating enabling environment and enhancing the learning of basic skills needed to create and sustain productivity in various chosen field of their career. We enable and empower them to be competitive in the ever evolving world of business through generating income for themselves in particular and the society in general. Born and bred in a rural area, the Founder wanted to make a difference in the lifestyle of young women in the areas where there is so much lack of skills development centres, instead, having bars, taverns, bed and breakfasts in every corner where many young lives are buried.
The primarily aim of this organization is to empower black women with the necessary skills whether they have tertiary education or not in order for them to be able to create and generate source of income by contributing primarily to their standard of living and contributing development of the nation as a whole. In so doing reducing rate of unemployment and taking much youths off the streets which will eventually lead to eradication of crime on a large scale, including women depending on men/sex for a living. The skill acquisition programs like tailoring, crochet, event organizing, beautification, cosmetology, fashion, designing, pedicuring and manicuring etc. We also offer career counselling and guidance to various schools from grassroots in order to advise and guide the young ones accordingly in order to choose the right career and how to go about achieving their aims in their chosen careers.
Analysis/ Planning
Based on the research made, a large number of candidates could not afford to finance their tertiary education and also those that have lower grade in their matriculation examinations. These category of people are the primary targets for this skill empowerment which enables them to be economically independent and also contribute to the GDP of the nation at large. Our plan is also to partner with various stake holders in the community and community chiefs as well, so that every unemployed youth could benefit immensely from this program and also sponsor their wards so that the empowerment/skill acquisition workshop and training could be easily affordable through their involvement and sponsorship.
The operation and management of the organization lies solely on the shoulders of intellectuals that have proven themselves in various chosen fields whom are tested and trusted to be able to impart knowledge on our target market which are the youths. These are seasoned facilitators and trainers carefully chosen through exercises of higher standard and are fully certified to do this. Our operation will include theoretical classes and training centres to train the candidates in order to have physical experience with the equipment and undergo practical trainings. We are also looking forward to partnering with some notable financial institutions to facilitate loans and credits in order for the trainees to be able to start up their own businesses after graduation.